8 Educational Thanksgiving Games for Preschoolers

8 Educational Thanksgiving Games for Preschoolers

The holidays are landing, and this is such a fun time for kids. But for us grown-ups, this is one of the busiest times of the year. With all of the planning, cleaning, cooking, and travel preparations that happen this season, little ones may be left to their own devices . These 8 educational Thanksgiving games for preschoolers offer some fun ways to engage with the kids (and keep them busy!) this Thanksgiving season.

Alphabet Turkey Matching Game

This Alphabet Turkey Match Game {Free Printable} from I Heart Crafty Things is a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids learning their alphabet. All you need is your printer and some bottle caps. You could also of course use some small circles of cardboard if (like me) you don’t have 26 milk jug lids handy.

Shape Turkey ~ Simple toddler activity that helps with shape recognition

These Shape Turkeys from Housing A Forest are the cutest! Kids can make a turkey up completely of triangles, circles, or rectangles, or mix and match! This doubles as cutting practice for little ones as well!

Pumpkin pie counting game

I just love this Pumpkin Pie Counting Game from Mama Bee From The Hive. On top of being a counting game, it’s also a great motor skills activity! Kids will love heaping whipping cream on these printable pumpkin pies!

printable turkey game for preschoolers

This Let’s Make 10 Turkeys Printable Craft from The Printable Princess combines counting and math skills with a fun cutting and coloring craft. Kids might need a bit of help getting the hang of the counting in this game, but the dice rolling aspect makes it a great game for older siblings or cousins to play with younger kids. The Printable Princess has several other great educational Thanksgiving games for preschoolers on the same page, so check it out!

Pumpkin twister game

If you’re looking for a fun gross motor skills game that will help kids get their wiggles out before Thanksgiving dinner, look no further than this DIY Pumpkin Twister Game from Pint Sized Treasures. As a bonus, kids will get to practice telling their left from their right, and the hands and feet on the printable twister spinner will help kids who aren’t reading yet.

Racing turkeys number line game

This Racing Turkeys Number Line Game from Fun Learning For Kids is another great educational Thanksgiving game for preschoolers that has a fun craft built right in. Kids will make these adorable clothespin turkeys, then have fun counting their way up a number line for the win.

Turkey names craft

This printable Turkey Names Craft from A Dab of Glue Will Do is one of my favorite educational Thanksgiving games for preschoolers. They are super cute, and would double as adorable Thanksgiving table place settings! The kids can stay busy cutting and coloring all morning, and guests will have a special Thanksgiving memento to take home after the holiday.

Thanksgiving turkey bean bag toss

This Turkey Bean Bag Toss Game is a great gross motor skills activity from preschoolers. Have kids aim for a certain color, or add numbers or letters to the feathers to add an extra element of fun!

Educational Thanksgiving games for preschoolers

Check out my post on printable Thanksgiving crafts for kids for more fun Thanksgiving ideas!

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