Rainbow Dipped Ice Cream Cones 4 Ways

Rainbow Dipped Ice Cream Cones 4 Ways

Unicorn stuff is so fun. It’s magical, it’s colorful, and you can really get creative because anything goes! These cotton candy filled rainbow dipped ice cream cones are one of my favorite unicorn party favor ideas.

My kids decided to have a Medieval Fantasy theme for their shared birthday party this year, and I made the executive decision that fantasy should definitely include unicorns. My daughter sided with me on this, so I decided to override my son, who wanted the party to be all about knights, dragons, and tough-guy stuff. After all, a shared birthday party is all about compromise, right?

So after going down a massive Pinterest rabbit hole on unicorn party favor ideas, I decided on some cotton candy filled rainbow dipped ice cream cones for their goody bags. These looked like they were going to be a blast to make, so I decided to up the fun factor by challenging myself to find a few new and unique ways to dip them.

I ended up dipping them 4 ways, and I’m going to share them with you today.  Let’s get started!

Rainbow Dipped Ice Cream Cones 4 Ways

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colored chocolate candy melts (1/2 cup each color you choose)
  • Coconut oil
  • 12 Cake style ice cream cones 
  • Sprinkles
  • Parchment paper
Dipped ice cream cones

Set out your dipping bowls and ingredients first. I used my small Pyrex glass bowls for dipping, but you can use anything small and microwave safe. For each color you’re using, combine 1/2 cup candy melts and 1 tsp coconut oil or shortening in a small bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute, then at 10 second intervals until melted, stirring in between to smooth out clumps. Set out your sprinkles in small bowls for dipping your cones as well.

Candy melts and sprinkles

Once you have all of your colors melted you are ready to dip!

Classic Dipped Ice Cream Cones

This one is pretty basic. Pick your color and dip away! But you do have some choices here for how to design your dipped cone. You can do a simple straight line with full sprinkle coverage, or a fun drippy looking line with just a bit of sprinkles. It’s up to you, so get creative!

Dipped ice cream cone with sprinkles

To get a drippy line like me, simply dip your cone, hold right-side up, and give it a little shake to help the chocolate drip a bit. Once it’s dripped to the amount you like, hold it back upside down and dip in your sprinkles. Easy-peasy! Stand your cone up on some parchment paper to dry. If you’re worried about your drips keeping their shape you can stand your cones up in a cup full of dried rice or beans until it sets.

Point Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Dipped ice cream cone ends

I really think these ones look awesome. And they’re super easy to dry since you don’t have to set them on the chocolate. These would be especially awesome paired with a classic dipped top, but for some reason I didn’t think about that until after I was done. Next time I guess.

Point dipped ice cream cones also super easy to make. This time you’ll run the pointy end of the cone around in your melted candy. You may need to pick up and tilt the bowl a bit here so it is deep enough to dip the point well. Stand your cone up and let the melts drip down a bit for a fun look. Drop your sprinkles from above for a sparse look, or hold your dipped cone over the sprinkles bowl and sprinkle them on for fuller coverage.

3 Color Dipped Ice Cream Cone

3 color dipped ice cream cones

This is a fun one when you are creating your own color combinations. For my unicorn party favors I used blue, pink, and green, then topped with white to add sprinkles. 

Do dip these, you’ll have to work in a few steps. Dip your first color on one side of the cone, covering about 1/2 of the edge. Let this dry standing up in a cup of dried rice or beans, then repeat with your other colors, overlapping so that each color covers about 1/3 of the cone. Once these have dried, you can dip in one last color all over and add sprinkles.

DIY dipped ice cream cone

A fun adaptation of this would be to dip all three colors at once without drying so that you would get some blend between each color. You could also leave sprinkles off altogether so the overlapping colors would look more dramatic.

3 Layer Rainbow Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Layered dipped ice cream cones

These layered rainbow dipped ice cream cones are my absolute favorite of the 4 ways I dipped cones. I love the way the drips run down together, and the way you can alternate color stacks on different cones for different effects.

To get this effect, dip your first color nice and deep to get the color as far down the cone as possible. You may need to pick up your bowl and tip it as you run your cone around the edge.  Hold your cone upright to get a drip effect if you want it, then let dry standing in a bowl of rice.

Drying rainbow dipped ice cream cones

Once the first coat is set, you can repeat with your second color but not quite as deep. After the third coat you can dip in sprinkles and let dry. You should be able to see all three colors dripping down. Cool, huh?

Unicorn Dipped Ice Cream Cone Party Favors

Cotton candy filled dipped ice cream cones

Once you have all of your cones dipped and set, you’re ready to fill your party bags. I used cone shaped cellophane treat bags and gift wrap ribbon to wrap mine. I got both of mine at Michael’s, but they’re available at a number of places.

Cotton candy ice cream cone

The cotton candy I used was from Dollar Tree, but is a Charms product, so I figured it would be decent. I wasn’t all that impressed to be honest, but it was perfect for someone on a budget like me! The cotton candy tasted fine, and had a few colors in each bag which was fun, but it just wasn’t nice and fluffy like fresh spun candy floss. But it looked fine, and tasted great for the kids, which is absolutely the most important part.

I was able to get 12 cotton candy ice cream cones out of 2 bags of cotton candy, but I would probably stuff them a bit deeper next time, so I’d buy 3-4 for 12 ice cream cones. This part is up to you, and you can get creative with how you want to stuff them. 

Cotton candy ice cream cone goody bags

After you’ve filled each cone, you can tie it off with the twist ties that the cones come with, or get some ribbon like I did. I’ll bet there are a lot of other fun ways you could tie these off too, like pipe cleaners or washi tape.

I hope you enjoy making your own dipped ice cream cone party favors as much as I did. I have to admit that I may have used some of the leftover candy melts for dipped pretzels and then eaten them without even letting them dry. YUM!

Rainbow dipped ice cream cones 4 ways

What’s your favorite dipped ice cream cone idea?

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